Quad Utility Trailer!

We work in Scottsdale at least monthly and at one job we need to trim trees along walking paths. The paths are wide enough for a full-sized vehicle, but just barely. Turning around would not be possible and we would block all the path for those walking or riding bicycles. Something smaller would be nice!

We were offered the use of a quad, but needed a trailer to haul brush. We spent a few afternoons working in this and came up with a nice solution! We were able to get the back end of a small quad for a base. We cut off all the parts we didn’t need, including removing brakes and sprocket. A friend offered us some free 1-1/2″¬†angle iron – old Army cots! We cut and disassembled until we had the material we needed, then welded everything together. It was fun to invent, to try to make things come together!

We put a solid steel bar in where the shock absorber was on the old quad rear end. It is just the right height so that the trailer sits level when hooked up to the quad. We left the articulation in place on the frame, so that if we wanted to, we could put in a longer piece of steel bar and raise the trailer if we want to use it on another vehicle, or push it by hand.

We ended up with a small trailer that is light enough for 2 people to lift and load on top of a full trailer for the return trip. It has a garbage can holder for small trash, and a large open area to load branches. The sides were made by leaving the old Army cot legs on their frames! This way, they can fold open for hauling brush, or shut for transport to and from the job. We got a trailer coupler from the metal recycling place in Wickenburg. Altogether, we probably don’t have $100 in materials. The trailer is 8ft long (plus the tongue) and 3ft wide.

We have used the trailer once and it worked perfectly! I’m working on a strap system so I can compress brush once it is loaded, that way we can haul more at one time. We are very happy with how it turned out! Here is a photo:

Brush Trailer and Borrowed Quad