Popping out a palm!

Today we went down to Phoenix to do a palm tree removal. Because of the location of the tree in the yard (about 8″ from the roof of the house and right next to a powerline) we chose to use a crane on this job. It is expensive, but fast! It also takes out most of the risk.

Not too many comments on the photos from this job. I put Shannon in the lift so I could take some pictures. He said it was a little bit scary being way up in the air doing the cutting (I guess I’m used to it…). He first secured a sling to the top of the tree, then cut it off about half-way down. The crane lifted the top of the tree out of the backyard and laid it down in the street. Then he put a sling on it at that point and I cut it off at the ground. The crane lifted that piece out into the street. I didn’t get any more pictures because I had to get to work! We cut the trunk into sections that would fit in the 14ft dump trailer, then the crane lifted the sections in. We put the entire top of the tree on top of this pile of poles.

The top of the tree went to the transfer station (dump) where they have a big hydraulic arm that could grab it out of the trailer. The poles we took to a man that carves “tikis”. He is always after more raw materials for his craft and we appreciate not paying to throw them away.

Below are the best of the pictures from the job. I especially like the last one where you can see Shannon in the lift watching the bottom of the trunk being lifted away, and a jet way up in the upper right hand corner. My favorite picture of the day.

Shannon preparing to make the middle cut. He already hooked up the sling at the top of the tree.

Shannon making the cut.

I think at this point Shannon was a little nervous! He's keeping a close eye on that big piece of wood!

My Favorite!

The next couple days we will be trimming desert trees around a house and chipping everything to be left on-site for erosion control. Not too exciting but I may try to get a picture or two.