Planting a Tree from Arid Zone Trees

Today I left early to travel to Arid Zone Trees near Queen Creek AZ for a nice 24″ box South American Hybrid Thornless Mesquite tree for a customer. Poor Gareth stayed in Wickenburg to dig the hole. He ended up finishing very early because (amazingly!) the ground was pretty soft. No jack hammer necessary! I wanted to show you some pictures from this nursery because it is so pretty. They grow what I consider to be the best trees in the area. I wish they grew everything, but they specialize in native plants and trees that do well in our arid climate. Check out their website (in the column at right) for a list of plants they grow.

A Small Part of the Huge Stock of Trees Grown Right Here at Arid Zone Trees!

The above picture can only begin to give you an idea of how many trees there are to select from at Arid Zone Trees. I usually hand select the trees I want and there are always a lot of nice ones to choose from. But, even more amazing, Arid Zone Trees has an area with fully grown specimens in a park-like setting for Landscape Architects to see some of the possibilities of using these trees in their landscape palettes. Here are some pictures of the display area:

An Agave Pavillion

A Shady Spot in the Desert to Sit and Relax!

The Rose Garden Fountain Frozen in Time!

The Offices - How much better is this than a singlewide baking in the sun!

Here is the 24" box Mesquite planted in our customer's yard. It planted out to about 8 feet tall!

To learn how we planted this tree, read this post on tree planting.

I always enjoy going to Arid Zone Trees to see what is flowering and to walk in the shade of their fully grown desert trees! If you are interested in getting a top quality native tree give me a call and I’ll be glad to go down to pick up YOUR tree!

Tomorrow we are supposed to trim and take out some small trees. The wind is supposed to blow 45 mph. That should be interesting!