Pine Tree Removal With Crane

Last week we took out a massive Aleppo Pine using my lift and a 40-ton crane. The tree was pushing against the roof of the house, cracking the wall, and popping floor tiles inside! The owners hated to lose the tree, but there was really no choice.

We had everything on the ground in less than 3 hours, including getting all the logs loaded in our dump trailer. The crane left then, but we spent the whole day chipping the brush and cleaning up. We had the stump ground out as well, so everything was gone at the end of the day except a 3ft piece of the main trunk that the owners wanted us to leave.

Does anyone know how to turn a bunch of still images into a video? I put up a tripod and snapped a picture every little while and it would be neat to see them as a short video clip… Here is an HDR photo of some of the action (double-click for a larger version):

Crane Removal of Pine, with Lift.