Peru Scarab Course 2012!!


I just got word that I have been accepted for an outstanding scarab beetle study course to be held in Peru in January 2012! There were applicants from 13 different countries and only 25 spaces in the class. I am very thankful to have been chosen to attend! I hope to learn how to identify scarab beetles with more confidence at this course, as well as collect specimens for my collection. 

There is some good information on what the course covers at their home page, here. We will be staying at the Pampa Hermosa Sanctuary in Chanchamayo province, whose home page is here. The schedule shows that we will be starting the day at 6:30 and going to midnight most nights – it will be tiring but GREAT! The picture above is from the home page for the course and depicts some of the beetles we may encounter.

I need to round up a book that covers the birds of Peru, pare down my photography equipment to bare essentials (so I can fit a microscope in my camera bag!) and pack a myriad of things as well as find a great price on a ticket. There is little more than 3 months to go!

I have a lot of tree issues to address and will get to them as soon as I can find the time!