Peru Photos!

I’m back from the Peru Scarabs Course, the classes were great! The collecting was very slow. I’m posting my favorite pictures from the trip below, without too many comments. If you double-click the image you can see a much larger version.

We seem to be very busy with tree work since my return and I’m thankful for that! I’ll get back to posting more info on trees and tree care when I can!

Night scene from our hotel in Lima the night before we left for the jungle.

Mining area near the pass through the Andes at 4818 meters.

The area in Chanchamayo where we worked for 10 days.

Rainbow over the jungle one evening!

The Fulgorid: Phenax variegata (Olivier) which came to lights.

A Cicada, which also came to lights.

A Butterfly on a flower.

Closeup of a Whip Scorpion (Amblypygi) which is a predatory arachnid.

Another Whip Scorpion showing the entire animal - this one with a neat white spot on it's body.

Closeup of the white-spotted Whip Scorpion.

A Chrysomelid beetle.

Fungus with ants.

Army ant soldier! Genus: Eciton

Large, beautiful weevil.

A walking stick insect hiding under a leaf.

A frog. We saw several types but I was only able to get a photo of this one.

A nocturnal katydid.