New Mini-lift Postcards!

Front of new Postcard

Back of new Postcard

I have just received some new oversized postcards advertising my Mini-lift for rent. They are similar to the old postcards but we’ve now changed the name of the lift from a “Spiderlift” (which can’t be used because of a recent legal precedent) to “Mini-lift”. I also placed actual pictures of my Teupen 18GT in the card instead of the stock photos that I used in the original cards.

I have used all the photos in the card already in this blog except the one of the lift going through the narrow gate. On that job we were taking down a very large Mesquite tree and had only this access to the backyard. I had  already reached in over the fence to take down all that I could and really needed to get on the other side of the tree. I ended up with about an inch clearance on either side of the lift!

We saved a trunk from that tree and I am hoping to get it sawed into lumber so I can build another project with it, like my front door featured in this post.

I am working on an article about common tree problems that I see in the landscape here in the Sonoran Desert. I need to round up a few more photos, and it will be ready to post. Stay tuned!