New Equipment!!

Today after completing a tree removal job that included a nest of bees, we went to Phoenix to pick up a new trailer for my lift. The trailer that I ordered from Teupen America (with the lift) has turned out to be too lightweight and was not holding up to the daily rigors of towing around the LEO18GT. This was very disappointing as the trailer was supposed to be designed to work specifically with the lift!

I found out about Fleming Trailers through a trailer tech in Phoenix and I’m glad I did! They are very knowledgeable about everything related to trailers. They built one of their standard trailers with minor customizations that make it perfect for my lift. Just for example, the taper at the back of the trailer is straight on top (Fleming) so the lift goes on very smoothly – with the original trailer, the angle was on top and the lift always careened back and forth when driving over it. Fleming also put extra reinforcements under where the tracks sit in transport so the deck will not bow like it did on the original trailer. I can’t believe how much smoother this trailer tows (dual axle) as opposed to the old single axle. It also has a storage tray in the front that I am sure is going to come in very handy! If you ever need a trailer, I would highly recommend that you contact them – here is their website:

Here is a picture of the new trailer with my lift on it. Looks great!

My Mini_lift LEO18GT on the new Fleming trailer.