New Capabilities!

A while back we had a job trimming 6 tall Mexican Fan Palms in a backyard that was not accessible with the lift. We have had spikes since the business started, and could have done the trees by climbing them, but working from spikes really wears out ones legs! What to do?

Several friends told me about a 40ft extension ladder for sale at the Habitat for Humanity store in Wickenburg. The price was well below retail, and the only problem with this brand new ladder was that one of the rungs was dented. No problem! We usually dent the rungs of most ladders one of the first times we use them. 🙂

So, I bought the ladder. It takes two people to maneuver and set up. Once up, it is a little scary to use! We always use a pole strap to tie the top of ladders to the tree before doing any work. We also use the climbing harness and lanyard to tie into the tree. Once these safety steps are taken, it is more comfortable working from the top of this beast!

Jerome at the top of our new 40ft extension ladder!

The ladder will go higher than shown in the picture above, we just didn’t need the height.

Notice the upside down garbage can under the tree? That is placed to protect a landscape light from damage when the cut fronds are dropped. We always move the “targets” when possible and cover the rest if they are small. There is one tall old palm that we trim every year (from the lift), that comes through a hole in a porch roof. Needless to say, every frond and seed stalk needs to be cut off that tree with the handsaw and tossed so it falls out on the lawn!

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