Monsoon Storm Lightning

We finally had some thunderstorms in the area and I was able to set up my Phototrap camera trigger (originally described in this post) to get some lightning pictures. It took some experimentation to get the exposures to work, but I was pleased with the setup. The detector senses the first pulse of light and opens the camera lense fast enough to capture the last pulse(s) of light! It is very sensitive to the direction the light is coming from, so there were many instances where there flashes of lightning but no picture was taken because things weren’t lined up exactly. I would really like to be somewhere with daytime lightning and a scenic (mountains!) foreground… We’ll probably have to wait for the next monsoon season as THE WEATHER HAS FINALLY CHANGED! The nights are cool enough to open up the house! Mornings are beautiful to be out working! Soon the afternoons won’t be so hot! But, the thunderstorms are probably gone for another year.