Irrigation Re-Vamp

Old Valve Setup

I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I upgraded my computer which caused problems with WordPress – when I updated WordPress to make it compatible with my new computer it didn’t work with some of my 3rd party widgets and froze up the site! Anyway, everything is fixed now and I have a BUNCH of posts I need to catch up on!

Recently we had the opportunity to re-do an incomprehensibly complicated irrigation valve system. Above is the old setup. We used the old supply pipe and the old lines going out to the lawn and drip system but replaced everything in between! We took out something like 50 elbows – can you guess why they didn’t have any pressure at their sprinkler heads?

New Valve Setup

The new system worked well! the clock ended up being bad, some wires were cut, and some lines had too many heads. We replaced the clock, wires, and put in some heads that are more efficient with water use, and the system worked like a charm!