I Can’t Wait to get my Van Back!!

We just got the bad news – the engine on our E-250 utility van has pulled it’s last load of chips. With only a little over 100,000 it should have had lots of life left in it, but the van has lead a hard life! An overheating event resulted in an exploded (really!) upper radiator hose AND radiator. Combustion gasses in the coolant could be the only cause. Cracked heads or a blown head gasket were the diagnosis. BUT, there was significant blow-by in the crankcase – a sure sign of worn rings.

SO, the van is getting a new engine!

Engine Out!

 Once the old engine was taken out, many of the parts were stripped off to put on the old engine. Metal filings and pieces of plastic were found in the oil pickup – the engine would not have lasted long even if it had not overheated!

New Engine in Crate!

 We are trying to work out of the back of my truck. This is how I started the business almost 5 years ago – and the reason we bought a utility van in the first place! What a mess!

Here is why I want my van back so badly!