Greenfield Citrus Nursery

We’ve been working on a large property, trimming the trees of old stubs and mistletoe as well as removing some small trees that were in bad shape. The project also included planting three 24″ box South American hybrid Mesquite trees from Arid Zone Trees (link at right). The owner also requested a citrus tree. We have planted a few citrus, but I had not found a place that could provide high quality nursery stock and a good selection of varieties. That will not be a problem in the future.

Todd at Arid Zone suggested I check out Greenfield Citrus Nursery in Mesa, AZ. I did, and won’t have to worry about anything related to citrus trees again! They have a huge selection of varieties, both of citrus as well as deciduous fruit trees (apple, apricot, figs, peaches, plums, and pomegranate! The also sell 8 species of palm trees, many difficult to locate. All the stock is grown right there on-site.

It was interesting to look around the nursery! Here is a picture of some of their trees:

Some of the large selection of trees available at Greenfield Citrus.

All their trees are field-grown, then dug, balled and burlaped - not container grown.

There should be no girdling root problems since the trees at Greenfield Citrus are not grown in containers! Look at the interesting irrigation system that they employ – milk jugs with holes in the bottom. They are filled periodically and will slowly release water onto the rootball. Simple, foolproof and effective by the looks of the trees!

Peacocks were everywhere calling and displaying!

They wanted to show me the mature citrus trees on their property so that I could see how the young trees should be pruned. They told me that citrus trees are really bushes and should be left bushy! Here is a row of mature trees looking like mature citrus trees should:

Mature citrus trees.

When I purchased the tree I was given a number of handouts that are very helpful. They also included a detailed explanation of how the tree should be planted and cared for. They also covered the water and nutrient requirements for the trees. With all this great information it would be hard to mess up!

The nursery also handles palm trees. Unfortunately I was pressed for time but I did get to see some of the palm trees that they sell. I look forward to going back again to see what else they have to offer!

Some of the beautiful palms at Greenfield Citrus Nursery.

Now, speaking of palms, you have to see the pictures from the job we just completed! We were asked to take out the two largest palms in a planting of three. The owner will replace these with two smaller trees (still 12-16ft tall!) and begin a rotation where the largest palm is replaced every few years. They want their trees to be a certain height and the only way to do this is to keep harvesting them as they get too big!

There is no access for equipment and we did the job from ladders and the ground. There is a video I want to put on if I can get it figured out – you’ll enjoy it!