Fall MacroPhotos!

I do have some tree care articles to write, but we are so busy with work that I have no energy left to write at the end of the day. For now, I wanted to share a couple photos I took of insects on sunflowers. These were taken at Dead Horse Ranch State Park near Cottonwood, AZ during our church camping trip the first weekend in October.

This is my first attempt at using Ted MacRae’s “non-black background” technique for macrophotography. Basically you bump up the ISO speed and point your camera at a bright place in the sky so there is enough light to register on the sensor for a background. Usually these kind of flash lit scenes have a totally black background. I like the effect, especially with the bright yellow sunflower for contrast!

Double-click the images to see them full size!

Euphoria sonorae, a flower scarab beetle burrowing into a sunflower to feed. They blend into the colors of the disk very well! 

Misumenoides formosipes or the Yellow Crab Spider waiting for prey. Their color match is about perfect!