Don’t Get Your Palm Tree Trimmed – Yet!

No pictures for this post – it is a quickie to alert you all to something that is happening around town…

I’ve seen a LOT of newly trimmed palm trees around town in the last week. If you’ve been reading this blog you will know that we have done some palm trimming in the last couple weeks as well. So, what’s the big deal? I will get together a post with lots of pictures, and an explanation of the whole palm tree trimming process sometime in the near future.

For now, know that it is not the right time to trim a palm tree! There are several reasons for this. First, when the seed stalks come out in a few months the trees will need to be trimmed again. Would you rather have your trim last a year or 3 months? Second, the dead fronds hanging below the crown along with the frond bases help insulate the tree from extreme cold temperatures. I don’t believe we are past all of our cold weather quite yet.

I believe that shady operators are going door-to-door selling their services trimming palm trees. This is unconscionable knowing that the trim won’t last more than a few months.

Then why did we do some palm trimming recently? The customers had specific needs to have their trees look good right now. I told them the facts above and they chose to go forward with the work. I don’t have a problem with that!

So, tell everyone you know to refuse to deal with shady operators. It is a waste of money and potentially a huge risk if one of them gets hurt on your property (they do not have the correct insurance coverage)!