Copper Art Tags

I have more tree posts to write up, but meanwhile, here is something completely different. I recently read some articles about making ID tags from flattened copper pipe and flattened brass rifle/pistol bullet casings. Sounded interesting, so I made up a few. They are supposed to be pretty rustic/distressed, so I added a few hammer blows in addition to what would be needed to make the material flat. The tags are about 1″ x 2″

Copper ID Tags on my Collecting Bag

I got the Japanese characters to spell “Beetle” from collector friend of mine and added that to the back.

This one is a gift for my Japanese friend, it also says “Beetle” on the back.

I used some of the patina from my copper beetle projects to darken and distress these tags immediately, but they should continue to get better looking as they age. My next metal beetle project will be an attempt to carve a bronze beetle out of a bushing that will be used as a paracord bead. I’ll post pictures if it turns out!

What do you think?