Another great day!

Smiley Crane's big 40-ton crane getting set up!

We had another great day today working with the 40-ton crane to take out three ailing Eucalyptus trees in tight quarters here in Wickenburg! We ended up using just 2 hours of crane time to get the trees out and the logs loaded. We spent the rest of the day chipping the brush, cleaning up and moving equipment around. It was a beautiful day!

We used the lift to get two of the trees rigged and I took a ride on the load line to tie off the last tree. Gareth and my friend Brian worked very hard today and were the reason that we finished in good time! Daniel was the official photographer, although I relieved him of his duties for a while so he could take some pictures with his own camera. Here is a pictorial of the days work:

Using the Mini-Lift to tie off the crane to the first tree.

David is a great operator!

Here comes the first tree, all 4500lbs of it... over the house!

Gareth cutting the logs to trailer length pieces.

Dealing with the logs and brush from the trees in such a small space kept the ground crew hopping!

Brian loading the trunk into our dump trailer. You've got to be careful working around pieces of wood weighing tons!

Here I go, up over the house!

We decided to cut off the last tree from the roof of the house, it was so close that we were afraid it would swing into the edge of the roof if we cut it loose at ground level. With the top piece gone, the bottom piece would not be as likely to swing. Things worked out perfectly! Here Brian is going over the ridge of the roof to get ready to cut.

Working at height! I'm tied in using TCIA's "Best Management Practices for Crane Use in Arboriculture" That gives one some piece of mind...

And here comes the top of the last tree!

The first two trees we took out were about half dead and ailing. They have been declining for the last 3 years or so, much like many of the Eucalyptus trees in our area. One nursery I spoke to said that they are not perfectly adapted to our climate (they are introduced) and sometimes just go into a period of decline. The tree above looks nice and green but was actually the most hazardous tree on the property.

The owner had hired another tree company to remove it about 4 years ago. A crew came out and cut all the limbs off the tree one day then left – never to return in spite of repeated calls from the property owner! I believe they realized they had underbid the job, and were in over their heads. The didn’t collect any money for their day’s work, but apparently decided to cut their loses! This tree was nothing but suckers. The suckers were not firmly attached, and the topping cuts that were made were starting to decompose. Sooner or later this tree, which was located only 2 feet from the house, would have started dropping these limbs on (or through) the roof! Never top a tree!  Never let anyone top your trees!

We were glad to be able to finish the job that this other crew gave up on. It is always best to work with people who have the equipment and expertise to actually do the work you need done!