A Nice Clump of Mistletoe!

We’re going to be working all week in Scottsdale for a homeowners association doing mistletoe control. One of the board members found my previous post on mistletoe and started asking questions. One thing lead to another and now we’re going through the washes and N.A.O.S. (natural) areas taking out all the mistletoe we can find. I had to submit a request for a permit from the City of Scottsdale to work in the N.A.O.S. areas and they require a Certified Arborist to do the work.

We came upon this clump of desert mistletoe (Phoradendron californicum et al) in a Palo Verde tree (Cercidium sp.). It was about 3ft long and basically filled a garbage can by itself. The teardrop shape was perfectly uniform and there were no dead spots in it. Although our goal is to take out all the mistletoe in the area, I had to appreciate this plant! It was the most incredible clump of mistletoe I have ever seen!

Beautiful plant?